About Us

Why Mud and Lace?

We’ve been asked this by several people. This whole thing started with making t-shirts for ourselves and our muddy little boys for special holidays – Valentine’s Day, St. Patricks Day, etc – and morphed into a “we should do this for real” conversation during a late-night t-shirt making sleepover.

We (Leslie & Sara, co-owners) have been friends since our Kindergarten days and when we started this business we had 2 young boys each. Our days were filled with lots of dirt and mud but we also loved to dress up and feel girly – lacey, if you will. So here we are! Mud and Lace Apparel – at your service!

Meet Sara

Hi! I’m Sara and live in Union Grove, NC with my husband, Bradley, and two young boys. We live a pretty typical life of work & school, laundry & dishes, and usually some TV in the evenings followed by bath, bed, and repeat!

When I finally have a moment to myself, I have a hard time choosing between catching up on one of the latest TV Dramas or taking time to get crafty (art journal, creative planning, etc).

That’s why starting Mud and Lace Apparel was so intriguing to me. It was a way to do some of those crafty things and then actually share it with the world!

A quick bit about my background. After college, I worked in IT for a large retail corporation for about 5 years. Then I moved on to do some IT Consulting work (traveling) for about 2 years before having children. I will say that I LOVED traveling! Now, of course I missed Bradley, and the first time I DIDN’T love traveling happened to be while I was pregnant. I was just not wanting to leave home anymore. But if you get the chance to travel and do that type of work (prior to having a family) I say Do It! I stayed in the country, but I definitely got to visit some neat places that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Once our first son was born, I was able to transition into a working from home job. After the second son was born, I slowly trended away from working and focused on just staying at home with my kiddos. However, I struggle to stay focused on that. I guess there’s a bigger part of me that just needs to do some kind of work. And now I’m pumped to be creating these shirts (and more) for all of you and doing it with an amazing business partner and friend by my side!

By the way – I actually have a YouTube channel where I share some of the crafty things I’ve done in case anyone is interested. You can find me as CarolinaHobbyGirl on YouTube.
Okay now, y’all go shop! And I’ll get back to the shirt-making.

Meet Leslie

Hey there. I’m Leslie, I live in Lexington, NC and I have a very big, crazy, fun blended family. Between my husband and I, we have 6 children, 1 dog – a blue heeler named Callie and a black cat name Fergus! I have two boys from my first marriage (their father is in Heaven), Brian has 2 boys and 1 girl from his previous marriage, and we have one little girl together. It’s always loud and crazy around here!

Between my other business, Key Lime Designs, my family, Mud and Lace, and all the kids’ activities, I stay busy for sure!

Mud and Lace is a labor of love! Getting to build and create things really helps me center and destress after a long day. Sara and I are super excited to share Mud and Lace Apparel with you all. We hope you will love our shirts, signs, and jewelry as much as we do! And speaking of hope – one of my absolute favorite shirts we offer is the Hope Anchors the Soul Short Sleeve Shirt – it’s glittery and shimmery, super comfortable, and shows off your love and faith in Jesus.